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SHF Len 502R Y 173 "LEN"
Breed:Polled Hereford
Sire:PCR Mr Advisor 502R
Dam:SHF Progress P20 U06
ID #:P43181059
For Info:N/A
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Len 502 R Y173 March 2013
Len is a young polled Hereford bull that we acquired from Sandhill Farms in 2012. He is beautiful cherry red bull with exceptional conformation and temperament. He is a tremendous spread bull with a BW EPD of 2 and an YW EPD of 113. His carcass merit is also outstanding with an adjusted IMF of 4.85% without sacrificing rib eye size. His first F-1 calves showed low birth weights between 60 and 65 lbs. This first crop showed great growth and great carcass merit. At 1 year of age the heifer calves had an average IMF of 5.04% and an average REA/CWT of 1.14. The average yearling weight was 911 pounds on grass! Semen is available through Integrated Breeders.
SHF Len 502R Y 173 "LEN"
PCR Mr Advisor 502R
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