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Miss CCC Sunny 009
Breed:F-1 Braford
Sire:C212 Domino 4011
Dam:Miss Kallion 1278
ID #:
For Info:N/A
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Beautiful Calf from our donor cow 1278. Calf Champion at inaugural F-1 Braford Show in Houston TX 2-13 Sponsored by United Braford Breeders
Miss CCC Sunny 009
C212 Domino 4011
CL Domino 212 M
CL 1 Domino 9126J
CL Dominette 8104H
C Ms Pure Gold 2003
C-S Pure Gold 98170
C 8403 Ms Achv 96047
Mr V8 924/5
+Mr V8 287/5
JDH Rodea Manso 848/5
Miss Kallion 531
+Mr V8 189/4
JDH Jillian Manso 337/6