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Miss CCC Daisy 135
Sire:SRW Mr. Flying W 955
Dam:Miss CCC Ellie 123
ID #:952843
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This beautiful young cow is one we are really proud of. She is gentle and moderate in size. Her first natural calf is a stunner out of JTB Erwin 656-961/1
Miss CCC Daisy 135
SRW Mr. Flying W 955
SRW Mr Flying W 472/6
SRW Mr Flying W 277
SRW Miss Flying W 816
SRW Miss Flying W 433/5
(=) SRW Mr Flying W 154
SRW Miss Flying W 199
Miss CCC Ellie 118
LD Didor Mayro 4
Mr Bo Dimayro Manso 818
Miss Bayou Oaks 115
Miss Kallion 1755
Mr Mendel de Kallion 302
JDH Lady Manso 278/3